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This is the best place to go to find a dealership with the car you want, and be able to deal with them to secure a loan.

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New Car Loan Calculator allows you to find a dealership, find the car you want, research your credit and the credit requirements for a loan with a dealership, and then be able to apply for a loan directly with the dealership.

Contrary to popular belief, applying for financing and a loan with a dealership is the best way to go about the process of paying for a new automobile. Most dealers are ready to help you get your car and make the process comfortable and hassle-free. We connect you with these dealers directly and enable you to engage with them without having to deal with a third party. We also provide credit resources and information and the ability to get a loan and get financed.

Submit an Application

Find a dealer with cars you like and submit a loan application directly with them.

Get Pre-Approved

Get approved for your loan early and get the financing down and then get ready to choose your dream car.

Buy The Car You Prefer

Purchase the automobile you want to drive not the vehicle you have to drive.

These Dealers Offer Some Of The Best Financing In Your Local Area

Here Are Some Things To Remember About Applying For A Loan


Make sure you finance your loan correctly and ensure you don’t have a high-interest rate or have monthly payments you can’t make.


You can always refinance your loan when you need to ensure that you can make payments that you can handle and make sure it never hurts your credit score.


Your insurance payments have to factor into your loan and your loan payments. You need to make sure that you don’t overlook additional costs alongside car payments and insurance is the most important financial aspect to keep in mind when buying a new car.

Why Get A Loan Through The Dealers?

New Car Loan Calculator.com allows you to go through the dealers directly for a loan and financing. Despite popular belief to the contrary, this is why going through the dealers is a good choice.

These Are Quality Businesses

We do not allow sketchy dealerships to register with us. We scout quality dealerships across the country and only enable sterling businesses to advertise their inventory on our website.

A Direct Relationship

There is no third party interference. You connect to the dealership that has the vehicles you want, and you deal with them directly. That means you build a rapport and with that, you can secure a loan with friendlier terms than if there was an intermediary involved.

Invested In You

The dealerships on our website are invested in making sure the car buying process is a fantastic experience. That includes the financing and loan application processes which are not always the most comfortable. They will work with you to ensure you can secure financing and get a great loan.

You Know Where You Stand

When you deal with a third-party intermediary on other websites you are never sure if the terms of the loan, the financial stipulations, and the dealership are on the up and up. When you deal with a dealership directly, you know where you stand because you are communicating and negotiating with the sales staff and finance department. Make life easier for yourself, find a registered dealership on our website and start the car buying process with them.

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